Use SF Marketing Firm’s Networking Tips

If networking makes you a bit uncomfortable, you shouldn’t feel too bad about it. Many professionals view the process as an awkward one, and we train SF Marketing Firm associates to be confident and efficient as they add to their networks. Here are a few behaviors you need to model if you want to become a more self-assured and effective networker:

• Think About Your Goals: Before you enter a networking situation, think about what you want to accomplish. It’s nice to be able to spark conversations with strangers, but you need to know exactly how many contacts you want to make and how you plan to follow up with your new allies.

• Practice Your Introduction: You don’t want to be too rehearsed when you set out to build your network, but our SF Marketing Firm leaders encourage you to practice your elevator pitch a few times in front of a mirror before every networking event. Make sure to mention exactly what it is you do and the unique value you can contribute.

• Focus on Listening: Remember that networking is a conversation rather than a one-way interaction. Ask lots of questions and listen intently to the responses you receive from potential connections. You will forge meaningful bonds if you listen more than you speak, so resist the urge to talk too much about yourself.

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