Tips From SF Marketing Firm on Effective Giving

When it comes to philanthropy, most people are hard-wired to respond to heartfelt stories. Few look beyond the ask to see how much good a charity is doing for humankind. Our SF Marketing Firm team is a proponent of charitable giving. We’ve put some thought into how to ensure your contributions are truly helping others.

Effective giving is defined multiple ways. One is ensuring that the organizations you’re supporting are honest and that the majority of donations collected are going toward a stated cause rather than to pay for administrative services. Our SF Marketing Firm professionals recommend that you check websites like Charity Navigator that offer breakdowns on how funds are used.

For some, the definition of effective giving is money that stretches farther and serves the most needs. An example might be the difference between an organization that spends thousands on a handful of people vs. one that impacts thousands of lives with the same amount. As our SF Marketing Firm experts point out, if your intent is to make the most out of your dollars, you want to explore options carefully. Websites like GiveWell provide you with insights into what charities are helping the most people and creating sustainable improvements around the world.

Of course, this should not dissuade you from donating to local charities or helping friends and their causes that are meaningful to you. It’s a matter of what you value. However, sometimes a little research can mean making a bigger difference.

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