PRESS RELEASE: SF Marketing Firm Sets Goals for Success in 2017

SAN FRANCISCO, CA – The SF Marketing Firm managers, David and Nancy, assert that goals are the driving force behind their consulting and marketing service team’s success. They talked about how they’re leading the way toward goal attainment.


“We’re committed to excellence in all that we do at SF Marketing Firm,” stated David. “By incorporating measurable goals with values, we’re able to see our progress right away.”


Nancy concurred that SF Marketing Firm’s accomplishments are a result of goal setting. “It’s in all that we do, from customer acquisitions to philanthropy. We set a metric and work diligently toward it.”


For Nancy, her recent goals have included the challenge of transitioning her skills, and that of her team, to support nonprofit campaigns. “It’s been satisfying not just to see our team grow and be profitable, but to become strong advocates for these nonprofit groups.”


David used a personal financial goal to motivate him to reach his professional goals last year. He was able to accomplish that personal goal by year’s end. “When your personal and professional goals coincide, it drives dedication,” he said.


Nancy set similar expectations for herself on both personal and professional levels. “Hitting my goals toward saving money so that I could travel was a smart thing to do – I’m highly motivated by the chance to see the world. Learning how people think and learning about different cultures is really appealing to me.”


In addition to his gift to his parents, David’s efforts last year earned him recognition, including a promotion to crew leadership, as well as awards for excellence in sales and leadership.


SF Marketing Firm’s Managers Describe Goal Setting for Teams


While both David and Nancy shared their personal goals, they strive to set their teams up for success as well. “Our SF Marketing Firm associates are given objectives to strive toward,” Nancy explained. “We believe communicating clear expectations and vision is critical to ensuring positive outcomes. I know personally I work better when I have a strategy and a target to reach.”


As David explained, goal setting is more than just one large target. “We set small daily and weekly action steps that support our long-term visions,” he stated. “When our teams hit smaller goals along the way to the main objective, it builds our group’s confidence and makes the larger goal more realistic and achievable.”


“I feel super-happy when see other people hit their goals,” said Nancy. “I feel joy knowing that I’ve been able to help them individually and as a team in achieving something worthwhile.”


Both managers are clear that the following values are essential to all endeavors: honesty on all levels, strong work ethic, professionalism, accountability, and a positive attitude. “Without these traits, we won’t succeed,” Nancy added.


“When you have a direction and a plan in mind, the world is in your corner,” David concluded. “We prove this every day.”


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