How SF Marketing Firm Handles These Buyer Scenarios

At SF Marketing Firm, we must be on our game and ready to respond to any situation when meeting with prospective buyers. Therefore, we’ve learned a few best practices to address difficult scenarios. Here are three you’re likely to encounter:

• Lack of Interest: When you have someone in front of you who appears disinterested, our SF Marketing Firm professionals propose that you determine if this conversation is worth your time. If it’s a business you’re working with, ask if there’s another individual who might benefit from this information. Otherwise, thank this person for his or her time and leave a card.

• Talks About Self: There are people who enjoy talking about themselves. To an untrained eye, this seems like behavior that should be nipped in the bud. However, solid marketing and consulting experts see the opportunity within these conversations. Ask questions and listen with empathy. You’ll find that by allowing someone to freely express himself or herself, you’ll discover the triggers that lead to a close.

• Picks at Points: Our SF Marketing Firm executives propose that some buyers are more inclined to want to deal with facts and figures. Support these analytical thinkers by providing them with the details they need so that they feel as though they’ve done due diligence when it comes to making a sound decision.

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